About Us

Sylvanholt aspires to improve local sustainability paradigms by providing essential resources- education, research, advice, tools, and space- so communities everywhere can develop their own sustainable sources of food, health, peace, and other vital aspects of a thriving community.

We partner and collaborate with local community organizations and individuals to develop environments, both natural and man made, that regenerate the ecosystem, and the regional neighborhoods

All individuals with whom Sylvanholt interacts with have an inalienable right to be part of the decision making that impacts them. Sylvanholt was created with the explicit understanding that all structures with the capability of decision making requires direct involvement of the people whose lives will be impacted; no sustainable achievement is possible without ensuring personal sovereignty. Our work and our liberation is deeply bound together with many communities. We foster relationships and understandings that will allow us to do our work in a way that uplifts all people. We recognize that this requires taking proactive steps to ensure our activities do not unintentionally reproduce the oppression of the dominant system by excluding the needs of women, people of color, indigenous people, disabled people, or any other group that is often denied voice in the decisions that impact them. We engage in the ongoing practice of solidarity, and remain open to feedback from all communities we touch.

We are creating a space where all people can belong, regardless of nationality, religion, race, class, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, ability, or any other dimension of experience. We acknowledge that we live within and have been conditioned by a system that centers some dimensions of humanity at the expense of others. In order to create a radically inclusive space we must take proactive steps to elevate the people, identities, cultures, energies, and characteristics that our dominant system marginalizes.

Our community is centered on the call to action. We exist in order to create. Our movement is a movement of doing. We want to encourage involvement directly with the natural world. If any member finds themselves in a moment of hesitation or uncertainty of what to do, the next action is to ask for help. If you do know what the next action needed is, there is still an implicit need to ask others for help. Once you have the tools, teams, and resources to act, the impetus is to move forward with bold action.

We learn through doing.